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Exclusive Interview with the Head of Match-trade

Source:Charis Saturday, 03 March 2018 00:35:39


Michael Karczewski, the head of business operations from Match-Trade


Charis, the editor from FX.COOL

Charis: Hello, Michael! Please give us a brief introduction about your company.

Michael: Match-Trade Technologies is a US based Forex and Cryptocurrency technology provider. During 5 years history of Match-Trade company, we built multiple cutting edge solutions including Matching Engine, MT4/MT5 Bridge, Client Office, Crypto-payment gateway, CoinMatch - cryptocurrency exchange system. Except technology solutions we provide liquidity based on our matching engine solution, which guarantees our clients now last look execution. Our team consists of 25 experts from FX, Cryptocurrency and IT industry. We have offices in USA, Poland and Malaysia, but thinking about opening new ones in China and UAE. We provide both technology and liquidity services to almost 100 partners around the world.

Charis: Now forex technology is developing while it also lead to homogenization in the industry, especially for the solutions company. Compared with other tech companies, what’s your advantage ?

Michael: Yes, that’s true that nowadays all solutions for MT4 and MT5 looks very similar. Except very popular solutions like MT4/MT5 White Label, MT4/MT5 Bridge and Client Office we also offer systems to start your own liquidity provider (Match-Trade System) and cryptocurrency exchange (CoinMatch System).

Match-Trade System is fully hosted solution based on our robust matching engine, which allows to build your own ECN liquidity by connecting Prime Brokers, Top Tier Bank and other liquidity providers. FX Brokers can be connected to your liquidity via FIX protocol, our MT4/MT5 Bridges or third party providers like OneZero or PrimeXM.

CoinMatch System (www.coinmatch.io) is complete solution to run your own cryptocurrency exchange. This fully hosted solution was created based on our robust matching engine, which guarantees fast execution, high capacity and easy scalability. Together with CoinMatch system we provide physical liquidity to fill your order book with limit orders from the very first day after launch.

As Match-Trade we try to keep our product portfolio diversified to fulfil needs of both start-up and mature companies. We understand that each business is different and as technology provider we need to be flexible. From our experience we see that many technology providers offer similar products or they focus only on one solution like CRM. FX Brokers don’t want to deal with multiple vendors, they prefer to deal with one-stop shops like Match-Trade.

Charis: As the tightening regulation situation, global FX market has experienced some changes. What influences do these have on your company? And what will you do in 2018?

Michael: That’s true that Europe is tightening regulations each year, but as technology provider it doesn’t concern as so much. We now also focus on Asia market, which is still not so regulated and grows in impressive pace. Additionally as I mentioned before we started to offer cryptocurrency solutions, which from our point of view won’t be regulated so quickly.

In 2018 we want to focus on China market as we signed partnership with OTSO Group, which will help us with their experience to enter this market. Last year we opened office in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, so we want to hire Chinease speaking staff to provide even higher quality of support to our Clients. Our primary goal is to develop our CoinMatch platform by adding new coins and feature to make it most popular platform for running cryptocurrency exchange.

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